Hello Students and Parents,

I have created many resources to assist you:

1) My official website is https://mshadi.wikispaces.com/ This is the site you are viewing that has all of the most important links and information for the classes that I teach at OHS.

2) My online gradebook is https://jupitergrades.com/login/?39272 You can check your grades on this website. When viewing grades, it is really important to remember that categories are weighted, which means some categories count more than others, and therefore have more or less impact on your grade. In general, you will not do well without completing assignments, but one F grade on a small assigment won't significantly hurt your grade. However, an F on a test (or assessment) will have a major impact on your grade. If you see a blank next to your assignment it means I haven't inputted scores yet. If it says missing, STAY CALM and wait to speak to me in person about the assignment. It may simply mean that you forgot to put your name on it.

3) Want to download Lecture Powerpoint slides, find vocabulary lists, or find document templates? Use my second website:

This is a website that replaced my old Classjump website and was created with the help of one of my AP Students, Dylan P. in April 2016. Please send suggestions for improvements or feedback to my email so I can improve and adjust the site to better help you! I think he did a great job making an easy to use website there for you!

4) Need to take a practice online quiz? See http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/0024122010/student_view0/index.html
This is the AP World History book's website (the online learning center for AP students).

5) Need to see a Calendar? Go to the left hand side of this screen and click on your class calendar often. Only major assignments will be posted, you are expected to keep track of due dates in your own personal student planner, and are responsible for all assignments whether or not they are listed on my public calendar. Parents, I will attempt to inform you of major upcoming tests this way but dates may change.

6) Are you looking for PDF versions of the book? See my other site: http://mshadi.weebly.com/
Click on More, then Click on Book Chapters.

7) To access my online lessons/lectures go to Safari Montage (please use your student ID as your username and your birthday as your password):

8) Do you want to pay for your AP exam at Olympian High School? Visit the ASB (and save your receipt) or access https://webstores.activenetwork.com/school-software/olympian_high_school/index.php?l=product_list&c=67 by March 24th, 2016.

9) Do you need to see the Course Description?

You may have further questions, you may contact me to set up an appointment at the phone number or email below. I see parents by appointment only. I hope you will find these links to be helpful. Please remember that I prefer that students talk to me about concerns first in person, followed by a parent conversation over the phone. Email is not my preferred mode of communication (please see the Communication tab to the left).


Ms. Ola Hadi
Teacher, Olympian High School

P.S. Please note that my office hours have changed to
by appointment only until further notice.