For the 2017-2018 School Year:

Please watch the recruitment video if Ms.Hadi was unable to visit your Accelerated class:

Welcome to Advanced Placement World History. Over the course of the school year we will explore world history from 80,000 BCE to the present day, learn valuable skills, and take the AP exam. This is an exciting class that will allow us to look at the big picture of history, trace the development of cultures over time, and critically examine human interactions.For most of you, this is your first AP class. To be successful, you will need to stay focused and work hard. In July, we will discuss specific requirements for the class and the AP exam.For now, you must complete the following summer assignment that will count as part of your grade during the first progress report in the fall. The purpose of this assignment is to get a jumpstart on the curriculum, which will provide us an opportunity to go into more depth on other topics.

1. STUDY A WORLD MAP. Study a map of the world. Have a general sense of where all of the different regions are.


2. Complete VOCABULARY for Chapters 2-4. These items will be covered on the first unit exam. A full list of the terms can be found at

Please do your vocab on a piece of paper (see the example ).

Do not worry about themes for Chapters 2, 3, and 4 (there is no chapter 1 vocab). Do not worry about having both a short run and long run significance, as long as you have one type of significance that will suffice.

3. Create NOTES for Chapters 1-4. For the first four chapters, these notes must be done in outline style with a one paragraph summary at the end. However, beginning with Chapter 5, all notes must follow the format that will be taught the first week of school (which will be outline notes, followed by a summary, followed by something called Doing World History Questions, followed by thesis statements.

The following assignment is optional: Practice making THREE PERSIAN CHARTS: Go through the AP world history textbook, Traditions and Encounters, and study each of the ancient civilizations:-Meosopotamia, Chapter 2 pages 31-55-Egypt, Chapter 3, pages 59-83-Indus Valley Civilization-Harappans/Aryan Influences, Chapter 4, pages 87-105. For each of the assigned civilizations, complete a PERSIAN chart. You may use the chart provided in the AP World History Toolkit below as a template or create your own.

4. Pick up an AP TOOL KIT PACKET from Ms. Hadi in room 416 OR PRINT out the one below:

This assignment will be due on the Friday of the first week of school. Anyone joining the class late should be aware that they will start behind and will not receive credit for the summer assignment. If you need help, you may contact Ms. Hadi by coming to room 416 or contacting her at the email address below. The way to pass this class is to stay on top of the reading! READ. See you soon!

Ms. Ola Hadi

p.s. Note that during the summer I will not check my school email, contact me at my personal email at instead. Also, use academic writing if you contact me this way. Please read my communication page to the left.

p.p.s. If you are transferring from Ancient World History class, simply bring me the notes and vocab you have already done there for Chapters 1-4.