AP Heart to Heart & Tips

  1. I'm not perfect and that's okay.
  2. =Be strong (emotionally as well as mentally; understand that you have a greater capacity than you know)=

  1. =Learn through failure=

  1. =Strike a balance (between personal life and goals; make choices-if you have two assignments that are due the same day and can only do one, do one and deal maturely with the consequences)=

  1. =Learn time management (this will reduce your stress dramatically, so be organized)=

  1. =The right attitude helps, attitude is fortitude (say things like "I can do this," or "I like this challenge")=

  1. =The number one way to prevent problems: COMMUNICATION (if you didn't do an assignment, let the teacher know-you won't be off the hook, but at least you have communicated the problem and addressed it)=


Tips on how to succeed in AP World History:

1. Read the chapter on the weekend (get up on Saturday before anyone else is awake and read for 2-4 hours without taking notes, then get up early on Sunday and take notes as youreread the chapter)

2. Make sure chapter notes and vocab are complete every week (usually due on Friday).

3. Take the online quizzes on http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072957549/student_view0/ (choose a chapter and then multiple choice quiz)

4. Form a study group and study for 1-2 hours before a big test.

5. Attend AP World History Tutoring on Thursdays afterschool in Room 416 from 2:50-3:50 pm

6. Be more organized (pay attention to due dates on the AP calendar athttp://mshadi.wikispaces.com/AP+Calendar) and keep a binder where you won't lose assignments)

7. Quiz yourself using the "marginal notes" that highlight key terms, events, and concepts (they are on the side of the chapter narrative, and you can turn them into quiz questions). For example: The Quran...What is the Quran?

Good luck!

Best Regards,

Ms. Hadi



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