TO HELP YOU WRITE THE ESSAYS, it might help to review "key concepts" from the time period:

Look at page 25 on to review time periods here:

Where can you find examples of former AP essay prompts and sample essays:
The above website is for older AP tests.
The above website is for newer AP tests.

How to Cite things using Chicago style:
Also google citation machine

AP Essay Formatting and Grading

All essays must be:



One inch margins

12 point font

Times New Roman Font
Formal Essays are scored on a 9 point AP rubric scale + 16 points for effort

All late essays are worth up to 16 points max.

Students are given a handout with essay topics in class.

See student sample below:
CC- Trade on SA and EA by Sean Solitaire.docx
Preview the document
Preview the document
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Adacemic Language Development Cheat Sheet:

Help with Point of View and DBQs:

Reviewing Past DBQs:

Review guides for Periodization: