AP Book Review

In 2013-2014, you will be REQUIRED to complete at least one non-fiction book review per semester. I will give you a handout later on what I consider to be a book review (it is not the same as a book report). This is a NEW assignment in this class. In the past, it was an extra credit opportunity.

The book you choose must be NON-FICTION. I have found a great list here:

YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR PARENTS on whichever book you choose. Remind them that this is a college level class. Some books do include adult themes. They should be comfortable with your maturity and ability to critically read different types of scholarly work.

My suggestion is that you read about a region you have an interest in. If you want a specific recommendation, I can try to make one that is tailored to your interests. My favorite genres including History of the Middle East, History of China & Famine, Nationalism, and the History of Gender. I can also guide you if you want to learn more about the Renaissance, Genocide, British Imperialism, or Jewish history.

You can obtain your book through the library, or by purchasing it on Amazon or a traditional book store such as Barnes & Noble. It may take some time to get the book so work on identifying what you would like to read early. I like to buy my books "Used" so I can write and underline my notes in the book (and it is cheaper!).

Other non-fiction books can be found at


These two websites mix the non-fiction recommendations with fictional works, so double and triple check that you are getting a non-fiction book.

It is possible for you to choose a book that is not on any of these lists but you must make sure it is non-fiction and then ask me to approve your selection.

Again, I will give you a handout on how to do the book review. For now, know that it should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins and double spaced. Please include a Bibliography where you list the book's information, as well as any book reviews or articles you read about the book that may have influenced your opinion of the book. Please cite these articles in your Report using Chicago style (Ms. Hadi's favorite) or APA or MLA style. There are many resources online to help you with your citations such as
http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html So do not worry about citing perfectly, but so long as you attempt to cite (and therefore do not plagarize!) I will be pleased. That does not mean that you do the bare minimum-or you will lose points.

Please see the following Guidelines for help:

I will also share an example of a book review (this was for a Graduate class, yours does not need to be this involved):
Rape Warfare Book Review (1).doc
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Preview the document
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In 2017, Ancient World History students created a modified book review, that can be seen if you google #hadihistory

Enjoy these recommendations!